Three 'P's to ensure you PEE well all your life.

Hi everyone, Warm Wishes on WORLD KIDNEY DAY (WKD) once again. 12 th of March this year is being celebrated as 'WKD' to raise awareness about the epidemic of kidney disease that is about to engulf us soon. I had written about the 'Three Ps' last year on WKD - PREVENT, PREEMPT and PROTECT. I would like to stress on the same principles once again.

India overtook its rival China in becoming the 'DIABETIC CAPITAL' of the world sometime in 2013-14 as per world health statistics. Obviously there is a lot of under-reporting and I suspect we have been leaders for quite some time. You might ask me why I am talking about Diabetes on WKD? Friends, it is only to warn you about the Tsunami of kidney disease that will follow in the years to come. Diabetes and Hypertension along with Obesity are the three silent killers of the current generation. All of them are painless initially whilst they are busy damaging our organs silently. When we notice the damage it might be a bit too late. Recent studies reveal that prevalence of hypertension is almost 30 - 40% and diabetes over 10% in our Indian population which is far higher than in western countries. Kidney disease is only going t rise with time since lot many are developing diabetes now and are not consulting the right doctors to ensure good sugar/ BP control. There are effective treatments to keep hypertension and diabetes under control. This will prevent organ damage.

However we can only detect these three silent killers if we get ourselves checked regularly. This statement leads to a lot of questions -

  1. How often do we get checked? Ans -I suggest at least yearly.
  2. When do we start this yearly screening? Ans - Earlier the better - may be at age of 20 years itself
  3. What tests do we do? Ans - At least the following five : Blood pressure, Body Mass Index (need Height and weight measurement to calculate), Fasting Blood Sugar, Blood Creatinine, Urine routine. The first three are to look for presence of Hypertension, Obesity and Diabetes respectively. The last two are to check the health of your kidneys.
  4. How much do these tests cost? Ans - Probably not more than 250 Indian Rupees.
  5. Why should we check? Ans - Since Diabetes and Hypertension are painless and won't be detected early unless we do the above mentioned tests. Diagnosing early will help you get appropriate treatment and prevent Target Organ Damage (Heart, Nerves, Kidneys, etc). A PENNY SPENT HERE IS WORTH THOUSANDS OF POUNDS NEEDED TO UNDERGO DIALYSIS OR KIDNEY TRANSPLANT.
  6. Where do we get checked? Ans - Your local doctor should be sufficient. Please do not go to any quacks. Ensure you go to a decent well trained doctor.

If you can get the above mentioned five parameters checked and contact me with the results on my website I can give you appropriate advice.

I suggest you have a look at WKD website ( for more information on Kidneys and health.

Lets promote "KIDNEY HEALTH FOR ALL' this year. Toast a glass of water to your kidneys.